As part of a new campaign, SNIEC beefs up security services

The Shanghai New International Expo Centre is taking measures to enhance its security to guarantee a safe journey for visitors and exhibitors.


“Security team members have to communicate and interact with exhibitors and visitors on a daily basis, so the quality of our security services will have a significant impact on the SNIEC’s overall services,” said a manager surnamed Tang from the SNIEC. “Premium security services will be a big plus to enhance our brand image and strengthen competitiveness in this highly competitive market,” he said.


The centre recently began a service improvement campaign, called SNIEC 2.0, to firm its position as the best exhibition centre in China. The campaign will cover sectors including catering and security services. A manager surnamed Zhang from the Shanghai Lujiazui Property Management who is in charge of security at the SNIEC, said security teams will pay more attention to being more efficient.


The SNIEC outsourced its security contract to the company to provide more professional services to clients. In the coming years, the SNIEC’s outsourced security teams said they will focus on improving the quality of their services. There will be more personalized services and more regional security officers in response to emergency requests from clients. Security staff members will also examine how security is carried out at five-star hotels and airports. “Our role is changing from an administrator to a service provider,” said Zhang.


The SNIEC’s security team comprises more than 800 members under the age of 35, 25 percent of whom Zhang called “veterans”. Zhang said that veterans are more disciplined and are used to the fast pace in their line of work. To provide the most professional security services to clients, all security staff members received occupational training. “Members in special positions such as fire hazard preventions and monitoring systems operation will receive extra training and assessments,” Zhang said.


Experts said security teams in the exhibition industry have more responsibilities than ordinary security personnel in other industries. In addition to providing daily security checks and patrols inside pavilions, the SNIEC’s security team is responsible for checking for fire hazard risks, managing the flow of vehicles and directing traffic in surrounding areas. “Our services cover much wider fields and are much complicated than ordinary security teams in residential communities and business buildings,” Zhang said.


For over a decade, the SNIEC has been committed to enhancing security services to satisfy clients. In 2013, the SNIEC partnered with Shanghai’s traffic administration department to evaluate several exhibitions that had the potential to block traffic. The service helped more than 20 exhibitions to make traffic in and out of venues more efficient. “Our service core is to increase exhibitors’ satisfaction rates and build up the best service team,” said Zhang. ”


(Source: SNIEC Tradeshow Express, July 4, 2015)