Dining facilities upgraded as part of 2.0 campaign

Shanghai Huizhan Dining Service Co, the largest caterer in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, is spending millions of yuan to refurbish dining service facilities in the venue in 2015 to provide a better experience to visitors and exhibitors.


The upgrade is in response to the SNIEC’s newly released 2.0 campaign, which aims to provide the highest-quality venue services in China. SNIEC 2.0 is intended to help the SNIEC maintain competitiveness and strengthen its position in China’s exhibition venue leasing market.


“Dining service is one of the most important services in venue operation. Premium services will provide better experiences to exhibitors and visitors and enhance the venue’s competitiveness in the market,” said Huang Yungang, deputy director of the Hall Matser Department of the SNIEC.


Having partnered with the SNIEC for 10 years, Huizhan operates one café at the venue entrance, and nine snack bars and one large restaurant inside the venue. The redecorated café and snack bars went back into operation in April. Jiang Xiaoyu, general manager of Huizhan, who studied for four years in Japan, initiated the renovation project.


Professional companies created modern decorations and design to appeal to the younger generation’s tastes. “The services and menus in the café and snack bars are similar to those in light meal restaurants such as Wagas or Element Fresh. The upgraded café and snack bars will be suitable both for business talks and for relaxing,” Jiang said. “Visitors will save time because they do not need to look for such sites outside the venue.”


Jiang also created the “JM Mingyu” brand for Huizhan’s dining facilities in the SNIEC to boost brand awareness Much attention to detail is evident in the design of the snack bars, with seats of different colors and unique fragrances in the different outlets.


In addition to offering better dining environments to its customers, Jiang is improving the company’s customer service. “Staff members have to wear uniforms and they have to show respect when customers enter and leave the bars and cafe,” Jiang said.


“The newly decorated café and bars are modern, bright, and better suit young people’s needs, ”said Liu Yang, a visitor to the SNIEC in mid-April.“ More importantly, the service is much better, which makes it an ideal place for relax after busy work.”


To offer more convenient dining services to visitors and exhibitors, Jiang said he plans to launch online ordering and meal delivery services in the venue in the near future. “I have contacted some delivery service providers and I will offer those services when the WiFi infrastructure services in the venue are available,” he said.


To offer better services across the board to visitors and exhibitors, the SNIEC is making service improvements its most important task in coming years.


“If we did not upgrade the dining facilities in the venue, there would be no impact on business in the short run,” Jiang said. “However, exhibition visitors would have bad experiences and their satisfaction level would decrease. Short term benefits will not help in the long run.”

(Source: SNIEC Tradeshow Express, May 6, 2015)